$200.00 CAD

Public package
Update CMS update to latest version

Check email accounts, Ftp, Sql

Check the levels of access

Enable permanent anti-virus and anti-virus monitoring

Locking on management folders

Check spam sender files and block them

Hack fix

Check the access level of CMS users

Allocate standard ciphers to prevent duplication

Scan all files with CLAMEAV
$250.00 CAD

Standard package
Public Package +

Update modules update to new version

Restrict access to config files

Scan all files with CSX
$300.00 CAD

Professional package
Standard Package +

Component Updates

Encode file

Check spam sender files and block them

Scan all files with MOLDET
$400.00 CAD

Advanced package
Professional Package +

Install security rolls to upgrade your website security

Advanced Analysis and Permeability Testing