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Designing a Sales Card and Charge Card

Time as the first condition of every transaction will always be a matter for buyers. The charging and charging system for the orange card is now available to maximize the time of purchase and access. Below are some of the features of this system.

Orange Online Charge Card Sales is a full-featured charging card that allows your subscribers to buy from the web and sms, and can connect to different payment gateways and sell through non-online payments. This product has two general sections.
Management side: To manage the site, add charge cards, manage users and receive reports
The number of sales of products
User’s Guide: To subscribe to users or to purchase through the site.

management part :
• Ability to add more managers to manage different sections of the site
• Ability to manage site users including adding inventory, deleting user, displaying current inventory, number of user purchases, membership time, contact information, user registration information, sending message to user and …….
• Manage Main Pages: Ability to add infinite page to site such as Contact Us, About Us, Help and more.
• Payment Management: View all payments made online (via payment gateway) or offline (manual payment or card to card) and display their payment status (successful failure).
• News Management: Ability to add daily news about a company or store
• Contact Us: Displays all messages sent by users
• Charge card: Definition of the operator (Irancell, the first one ….), Definition of the card type (20000 Rials, etc.), Definition of the charge card (serial and password). It should be noted that all of this information can be loaded through the Excel file in addition to manual entry
• Deal Request: View requests for user registration to register
• User Category: All users are divided into three categories: normal people, site users, and agents, depending on the type of user they will pay for the charge to purchase the card. And the costs are divided into categories of single purchase prices of users and representatives and the major purchases of delegates. Accordingly, the vendor will be able to specify 5 types of prices for each charge card to choose the type of system according to the terms of use.
• Reports: Delegates can submit their work reports via the site to you
• Site Settings: All sections can be managed, such as phone numbers, texts and ……
• Site Sales Report: View Sales Report (Online Sales)
• System Sales Report: View the Sales Report Card Sales Scheme via SMS

Of course, the features of the management department are expandable, and the mentioned items are just some of the management’s features.
User area:
• It is possible to buy a charging card for all operators
• Increase inventory
• Register a mobile number to buy from the SMS system
• Appointment request
• Account changes and SMS system settings
• Purchased list (major purchase, single, system)
But this site has the ability to sell the charge card for the first time via SMS. In such a way that the user can make purchases by sending their SMS or sometimes have different activities, such as receiving inventory or changing the password. Below are some of the features mentioned.

SMS Shopping System:
• 24-hour response
• Intelligent (detection of sending sms at different time intervals)
• Possibility to receive inventory
• Purchase from all operators
• Ability to change password
• Exclusive number