What if the real problem is that you do not have a procedure on how to stay connected?

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The real problem is that you are not standing out amongst many Realtors in your community.

Real Estate like any other industry, has been evolved and affected by changes in our world. As a result, relying heavily on outdated industry habits that are not as valid today can hurt you and your reputation. Understanding when to follow conventional wisdom and when to go for new approaches will enable you to create a successful real estate career and to stand out amongst your competition.



The importance of an online presence has never been greater than it is today, because a wide audience can be reached most quickly this way without much cost or effort. Setting up accounts on various social media platforms, sending out newsletters via email, and presenting a certain aesthetic all contribute to showcasing who you are and how your real estate stock compares to others'. Therefore, it enables you to become known, trusted, and able to collect more properties and create lists, or to sell them to clients


Building a strong network is the first step to getting listings. Keeping relationships with buyers and sellers is a constant task for real estate agents and simple enhancements to the tools a realtor uses, can make this task much easier. For example, letting your existing network know you're in business and being visible can be as simple as setting up a drip campaign. Even if the people you reach might not be interested in purchasing or selling a house right away, there is a good chance that they will be in a few months or know someone who will be.


As a real estate agent, you’re always looking for ways to reach prospective buyers or sellers and grow your business. While many agents turn to digital tactics like social media or email, real estate flyers still remain an important strategy for any real estate marketing campaign. Flyers are easier than ever before to build with low-cost printing and CRM technology templates. Furthermore, if you send out the flyers to the neighbours where you sold a property, it can attract more people and remind them of your services if they decide to sell their property. Here you can learn to how make a quick flyer with Canva:

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