What if the real problem is not having difficulty connecting to your network, but having access to your community?


Here are some suggestions to reach out to more people and find your community!

Networking skills are essential for any industry. Especially in the real estate world. Knowing people is a great way to grow your business, get the word out that you are here to stay. You should be the “go-to” realtor for anyone looking for a home.

How are your networking skills? Do you know a lot of people? Don’t you think this is a great way to expand and grow?

We have a few suggestions for you here, where you can be a part of a community and be always in the loop of what is going on in the real estate world.


Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app that allows you to communicate in chat rooms and be in groups of thousands of people that are looking for different things. If you are a part of this platform you will have access to a lot of people in one place. How great is that? Grow your network and find a way to get people to know you more. Ask people in your network for an invite!


Is a website and an online community platform that is focused on architecture, interior design, decorating, and landscape design. Having access to this platform you will be able to see what people are doing, and usually this helps realtors get to know what is out there. Get to see what people are posting, the questions they are asking or even if they have new listings coming into the market that you can use for your business growth.

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There are many facebook groups out there, starting with people looking to buy a home that you can reach out to and get to know who is active on these platforms that require a trustworthy realtor.

This can be you! Be active on these groups, the more people know you it can increase your network and have people talking about you.

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